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Top ‘5 Fender Jaguar / Jazzmaster

5.  Fender Jazzmaster Custom Shop Masterbuild ’62 SilverBurst

stromdepthmiqj65DWnq1rj7kdpo1_500 This masterbuild model is equipped with two TV Jones Pick-ups. In the description i notice that fun quote that explain the vision of  that jm :   » This Jazzmaster features a silverburst finish and two TV Jones pickups to create an instrument that looks David Bowie and sounds J. Mascis. »

4.  Fender Jaguar HH Black


All the looking of a classic Jaguar with a modern touch ; Adjusto-matic bridge, two Dragster Humbuckers and 24″ short-scale neck. Look amazing!

3.  Fender Jaguar Black Custom Shop ’65 Very Rare Gold Sparkle Finish

Awesome looking.

2.Fender Jaguar Special Edition Thinline


A thinline edition of Jaguar.

1.  Fender Jazzmaster Thurston Moore Signature 

My favourite one, a custom model from Sonic Youth’s guitarist Thurston Moore, with two Seymour Duncan Antiquity II, a adjusto-matic brigde and a only one Master volume.