Top ‘5 Fender Jaguar / Jazzmaster

5.  Fender Jazzmaster Custom Shop Masterbuild ’62 SilverBurst

stromdepthmiqj65DWnq1rj7kdpo1_500 This masterbuild model is equipped with two TV Jones Pick-ups. In the description i notice that fun quote that explain the vision of  that jm :   » This Jazzmaster features a silverburst finish and two TV Jones pickups to create an instrument that looks David Bowie and sounds J. Mascis. »

4.  Fender Jaguar HH Black


All the looking of a classic Jaguar with a modern touch ; Adjusto-matic bridge, two Dragster Humbuckers and 24″ short-scale neck. Look amazing!

3.  Fender Jaguar Black Custom Shop ’65 Very Rare Gold Sparkle Finish

Awesome looking.

2.Fender Jaguar Special Edition Thinline


A thinline edition of Jaguar.

1.  Fender Jazzmaster Thurston Moore Signature 

My favourite one, a custom model from Sonic Youth’s guitarist Thurston Moore, with two Seymour Duncan Antiquity II, a adjusto-matic brigde and a only one Master volume.

Front View & Lost Shapes I





Three guns, one goes off one’s empty one’s not quick enough. One burn. one red. one grin, search the graves while the camera spins. Chunks of you will sink down to seals, blubber rich in morning, They’ll nosh you up yes they’ll nosh the love away,
But it’s fair to say you will still haunt me.